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About Cocos Seaview Apartments

New owner and management team with 12 years experience on Cocos!

Cocos Seaview Apartments is now owned by local businessman Levi Fowler

Levi Fowler

Levi came to the islandĀ  in 2008 , first as the 2IC of RAAF base Cocos and then started Cocos Communications and IT which provides communications technology support to the Indian Ocean Territories. Levi has also instructed kite surfing both on Cocos and around the world, has been an owner and business developer of Zephyr Kite Tours and has been operating Cocos Seaview Apartments since July 2019.Levi is into everything! Be it kiting, fishing, craying, diving, surfing, SUP’ing, spearing, fitness, sports, travel, adventure, community, committees….!!! You name it, he does it!

Ultimately, Levi has a huge knowledge base on Cocos and knows how to do, when to do and where to get pretty much everything on the island. He is passionate about experiencing as much of the world as he can, so when you are on Cocos he wants you to have the fullest and highest quality experience possible.

Levi Fowler (Owner)

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